changing finance with tech

Removing barriers of entry to DeFi to make it accessible to ALL!

Why did we start Cent Finance?

Cent has one goal - make financial services accessible to all!

We want to level the playing field for those without access to financial services leveraging DeFi, while also providing an alternative to those looking to leave their bank accounts behind and go bank-less.

Cent was built to realise this vision.

Our mission, as a team is to make DeFi broadly accessible. We do this by making it simpler for our users to get started, intuitive to use and easier to understand. All of this, while allowing users to retain full custody of their crypto assets.

Designed to put our users minds at ease the Cent wallet delivers on its promise to make DeFi simple, easy and highly secure.

What's in a name they ask?!

For us it's everything we stand for in four letters.

Cent - It is the basic monetary unit of 50+ jurisdictions, making it universal. In Latin & French it means 100 and in middle English it meant 100th; implying it was one of 100 (pretty decentralised!).

It's a character in Unicode, making it a technology native '¢'. The accent on our logo represents forward motion, evolution and change, same as the technology behind Cent.

In short this is what we are working toward at Cent; a future where finance is decentralised (DeFi), fair & accessible to all, while continually evolving to give people everything they need for a better financial future!

Just our two cents...

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Wanna know More?

Where it started

Cent Finance was created by industry experts to ensure DeFi remains accessible to everyone. The founders are experienced in blockchain and DeFi and created the company in September of 2020.

Additional information can be found in our blog.

The journey

Cent Finance has participated in 2 different accelerators to date.

Cent was part of batch 3 of the Celo camp accelerator. More here.

The team also completed a second accelerator with London & Partners (backed by the Mayor of London U.K.), additional details available here.

Partnership opportunities

For potential partners interested in adding their crypto assets to the Cent wallet, blockchain networks interested in growing available wallets/DeFi ecosystems OR businesses and payment providers looking to integrate crypto/DeFi into their businesses - the Cent Finance team can be reached at ' [email protected]'.

Please clearly indicate your interest in the subject line.

To get started

Users can create a new Cent wallet in seconds. Based on the amount they are trying to purchase - they will have to complete Know Your Customer (KYC) and/or Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks through our partners (RAMP or Transak).

Why DeFi?

DeFi represents an opportunity for society to fix what traditional finance and banking have broken - 'trust'. The new financial infrastructure which is emerging, promises a fair, more equal and transparent system built for not just the 1 billion unbanked around the world, but for everyone thats been negatively affected or unfairly treated by actors in traditional finance.

Investing in DeFi using Cent

Although we endeavour to vet all projects directly or through partners, DeFi is still risky. We recommend and encourage all users to do their own research and use all available resources to reach their own conclusions about specific projects.

Users should also be aware that new industries like DeFi have 'poorly understood' and 'new sources' of risk and they should only use capital which they can afford to lose without serious consequences. Users are also responsible to ensure they are aware of and follow and applicable laws and regulation.

Please use Cent and DeFi responsibly!

Time to change the world

We hope you're ready to get started with crypto and DeFi. Join us and others around the world who are taking advantage of this opportunity. Together we can change finance, forever.

To Mars and beyond...

We will continue to add more features and functionality to Cent. As Cent matures we will continue to improve our mobile app and content, so please share your feedback at '[email protected]'