Your DeFi control centre

Cent is a mobile wallet designed to make investing in crypto & DeFi simple, easy and secure.

Security matters most.

You control your cryptoassets entirely.

Cent is non-custodial, only users can access their private keys, stored on their device and backed up on a hardware security module (HSM) on the cloud.

We use Magic by Magic Labs for a secure and simple user sign-up, in three easy steps. Also, Cent is open-source.

Invest and earn.

Buy cryptoassets using debit, credit, Apple Pay or bank transfer at competitive rates.

We use Ramp Network & Transak to provide users multiple options to add funds, with no additional KYC for small purchases.

WalletConnect allows Cent users to connect to their favourite decentralised exchanges (e.g. Uniswap or Balancer) instantly and start earning.

For everyone, everywhere.

Cent is available for download globally, providing access to 300+ cryptoassets.

Want to move funds to, or from another wallet? send easily using wallet address or retrieve using your private keys from settings.

Enjoy the freedom of self custody.